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Posted on January 11, 2014 by Scott

A big THANK YOU to the Hip Chicks!!

My songs “Smile Skies” and “Let Me Start Over” were featured on their program today on 89.9FM Radio Boise.
So cool!!

You can listen to the broadcast here:

Love what you guys are doing.  Thanks Steph!



Posted on January 1, 2014 by Scott

   As I read about last year’s highlights for many of you, I got to thinking about my own 2013 milestones… Remembering everything that happened to/for me last year, I realized that it was truly one of the best years of my life! It was such a blessing that I couldn’t help but share all that God was a part of.
   So here is my own…

2013 in Review:

  • Spent an unforgettable New Years in Chicago with my best friends #goBulls
  • Had my heart broken …and got over it.
  • Was a privileged part of some magnificent sessions w/ my favorite composers – Michael Giacchino & Danny Elfman
  • Grew in my relationship with Jesus more than ever before by putting Him first, and at the center …something I must still constantly remind myself to do!
  • Finally finished and released my first EP#MissionAccomplished
  • Performed at the House of Blues
  • Applied to grad school at Belmont University, got in, got a scholarship – didn’t go!
  • Turned down Nashville to stay in LA
  • Reached out to some of my very talented friends and began my first co-writes
  • Made new friends and wrote with them too!
  • Moved out of my parents’ house
  • Watched all of Game of Thrones with my roommate in less than a week #HouseStark
  • Discovered Duck Dynasty and Downton Abbey #Si#MaggieSmith
  • Went to Hume Lake as a camp counselor with our Middle School students …and loved it! #Derek
  • Started leading a small group for 8th grade guys
  • Grew a goatee, discovered I have red and white in my facial hair, shaved it off, it made a comeback… it won’t last long.#cleanshaven4life
  • Composed music for the YS Nat’l Youth Workers Conferences in SD and Nashville!
  • Found myself in the best worship I’ve had in years at the Hillsong Conference #Young&Free #Oceans
  • Experienced the best worship times I’ve ever had the honor of leading with our high schoolers!! – and ministry in general, for that matter…
  • Became an UNCLE to Madison Elizabeth Oatley!!! Yay, B&E!
  • Saw my little sister graduate from UC San Diego! Way to go, Kayt!! #ArtistSibs
  • Went on my first acting audition #GLEE
  • Shot my very first SAG commercial
  • Made a spontaneous music video - “Atlas” w/ Coldplay lyrics
  • Opened for Rusted Root and stole the show, if I may say so myself… #SendMeOnMyWay
  • Went to the Grammy Noms and won a raffle for my own spot at the 56th GRAMMY Awards!! #GetLucky
  • Met, recorded, and even played tennis with a member of one of the biggest Pop bands in the world!! …Maroon 5!
  • Sang in a quartet with a legendary film composer! …Danny Elfman!
  • Wrapped it up with Peter and the Starcatcher and Lion King in the same week!
  • Learned a lot about myself and others…

Thank you, Lord, for a wonderful year of life!
I am blessed and I am thankful.
Glory to God.
Happy New Year, friends!

- SO